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55 Main Street (PO Box 158)
Grafton, Vermont 05146
(802) 843-2346

Monday – Friday: 8:30 - 12:30
Saturday: Call first
Sunday: 10:00 Worship



Minister: Revolving…check our EVENTS page to see who’s preaching.

Outreach Coordinator: Mary Howard Feder

Music Minister: Ken Olsson

Chair of Church Council: Linda Robertson

Board of Trustees: Steve Nolan, Chair; Rob Hall, Judy Dickison, Linda Robertson

Deacons: Bill Watson, Rachel Plummer, Bob Haseltine, Sue Rushton

Grafton Cares attendee: Bill Toomey

Bookkeeper: Maureen Fletcher

Financial Secretary: Linda Robertson

Treasurer: Maureen Fletcher

Clerk: Mary Howard Feder